1999 Grand National Championship
Final Point Standing

PosRiderNum  Points
1Chris Carr4329
2Rich King80264
3Will Davis21223
4Scott Parker1218
5Joe Kopp43184
6Bryan Bigelow11179
7Jay Springsteen9171
8Geo Roeder II66166
9Nicky Hayden69149
10Steve Morehead42125
11Mike Hacker67123
12Kevin Varnes89117
13Kevin Atherton23107
14Kenny Coolbeth3185
15Steve Beattie2680
16J.R. Schnabel3373
17Willie McCoy5971
18Terry Poovey1870
19Dan Butler2267
20Dan Stanley1066
21Shaun Russell2856
22Brett Landes4155
PosRiderNum  Points
23Ronnie Jones1653
24Toby Jorgensen80y29
25Chris Evans1525
26Davey Camlin2720
27Gary Rogers5318
28Larry Pegram72f17
29Johnny Murphree2015
30Jason Sentel7910
31John Hlebo III709
32Paul Morgan III837
33Michael Varnes247
34Greg Teague 586
35Charlie Orr 875
36Brent Armbruster734
37Greg Tysor 47c4
38David Rayburn853
38Donnie Steward57k3
39Dale Jenneman292
40Paul Lynch 192
41Paul Bergstrom621
42Shawn Clark 611
43Kyle Long 94x1
44Rex Fisher 121

1999 Grand National Champion
Race results

March 6th Daytona, FL
May 8th Hagerstown, MD
May 22nd Harrington, DE
May 30th Springfield, IL
June 11th Plymouth, WI   RAINOUT
June 19th Mineral Wells, WV
June 26th Lima, OH
July 3rd Indianapolis, IN
July 10th Joliet, IL
July 17th Oklahoma City, Ok
July 24th DuQuoin, IL   No National Race Run
July 31th Rossbury, OH
August 7th Lake Odessa, MI I96   RAINOUT TWICE
August 11th Rapid City, SD
August 15th Peoria, SD
August 21st Hagerstown, MD
August 28st Sedalia, MO
September 4th Springfield, IL   Hall of Fame
September 5th Springfield, IL
September 11th Dallas, TX
September 18th Sacramento, CA
October 2nd Las Vegas, NA
October 10th Del Mar, CA

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